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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 21, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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plan b. with health care reform on life support, the obama administration turns its attention back to the economy. west coast washout. record rain flooding and high winds swamp southern california. and tiger tamed? tiger woods allegedly receiving treatment at a mississippi sex addiction clinic. this is the cbs morning news for addiction clinic. this is the cbs morning news for thursday, january 21st, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. president obama begins his second year in office with new you proposals to clamp down on wall street. this morning's announcements comes on the heels of stunning democratic senate loss in massachusetts. a political lightning bolt that has forced the white house to at least refocus, about if not rethink, its agenda. it tara mergener in washington
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has more. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the white house says this costly loss in massachusetts was the result of voter frustration, with the economy a 10% unemployment rate and health care reform. >> the same thing that swept scott brown into office swept me into office. people are angry and they're frustrated. not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> reporter: for an administration that's had its health care agenda derailed, it's time to refocus on getting the economy back on track. >> clearly financial reform is going to take and play a bigger role in what happens legislatively in the next several months. >> reporter: today's proposal will give the government new powers to limit the size of banks, and control their ability to engage in high risk trades, specifically it will limit
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what's called proprietary trading. that's when banks trade for their own account, basically making debts on the markets with its own money. financial regulation is one issue on the president's agenda that could survive in the new senate alignment. the massachusetts loss may have forced the white house to retool and the administration says it gets the message. >> we all want to see us get our economy back on track faster. the president believes that we have taken some necessary, if at times unpopular steps, to do so. >> reporter: on so what happens with health care reform? the white house says the pld r. president might support a scaled back version of his overhaul bill. michelle, back to you. >> tara mergener in washington. thank you. this morning california is getting socked with its fourth major storm this week. another day of torrential rain, gusting winds and coastal flooding is on tap. it's raining so hard for so long california will get more than
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half of its annual rainfall just this week. evacuations have been ordered, but some residents are ball thinking. teri okita reports. >> reporter: debbie and her neighbors have endured wild fires and rainstorms before, so despite orders to evacuate, they're not going anywhere. >> the house is safe. we're safe. why should we go? >> reporter: mahoney is one of hundreds of homeowners in the la canada area of los angeles under a mandatory evacuation. sheriff's deputies have been going door it door advising residentses that if they stay, there's no guarantee they'd be rescued. >> please, please cooperate and obey the lawful orders of your police department. if you're told to evacuate, do so. >> reporter: it's been raining for days and the hills are ripe for mudslides and flooding. last year's wildfires stripped this land of vegetation. the ground can only sewing up so much water. this is a good example of what some residents are having to deal with and they're just crossing their fingers that those sand bags will hold.
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southern california has seen a little of everything this week. floodwaters, hail, high winds, even a twister. and forecasters predict a worse storm is yet to come. >> and here it is, it's moving rapidly towards the coastline right now you're in a lull, there's not much rain going on right now, at least in southern california. about that you rain is going to pick up as the day moves on and we're really going to see some violent conditions. >> look at this traffic backup. >> reporter: officials are warning people not to venture outside if possible. a tall order for folks who are used to it being on the sunny side. teri okita, cbs news, la canada, california. defense secretary robert gates made an unannounced visit to pakistan this morning. gates plans to meet today with pakistani leaders to explain u.s. war strategy in neighboring afghanistan and will ask the pakistani what is their plans are. gates says he'll tell pakistani leader, quote, the u.s. is in this for the long haul oig. the international relief effort in haiti is slowly making progress, but in the words of
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one aid worker, so far it's just a drop in the bucket. the european commission now estimates that 2 million people are homeless and 250,000 need urgent aid. it's unclear if yesterday's powerful aftershock caused anymore significant damage. the u.s. hospital ship "comfort" has arrived and started to take patients. but the desperate need for medical aid, food and shelter remains. on the cbs "moneywatch," most stocks in asia finished lower this morning and emily smith is here in new york with that and more. emily, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, most asian markets took a beating today on worries china's economic growth will slow. hong kong hang seng dropped almost 2% while the nikkei was the lone bright spot, it jumped almost 1%. that follows yesterday's tumble on wall street. the dow lost 122 points, the biggest one day loss in more than a month. the nasdaq fell 29. along with new unemployment number, earnings are expected to grab the headlines again on wall street. goldman sachs will be the latest big bank to report results.
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wednesday earnings from bank of america and morgan stanley disappointed investors. but ebay certainly didn't disappoint. fourth quarter profits merely quadrupled to almost $1.5 billion. the online auction service also released optimistic forecasts for the rest of this year. there's another important recall this morning, graco children's products is recalling 1.5 million strollers after reports that children had their finger stips accidentally cut off by the canopy hinges. the strollers are sold at wall mart, target and other major reterrells. recall affects those sold between 2003 and 2008. you can get a free repair kit. the "new york times" will start charging for full access to its website beginning next year readers will have access to a limited number of free articles before they must pay for access. no word on how much just yet, but like many newspaperses, "times" is just trying to make money takes tries come combat a
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drop in print circumstance lanks and advertising. and movie rentals are coming to a youtube near you, one ofs first major pushes in to delivering paid video as opposed to video soumtd by advertising. first five films to rent through youtube will cost $3.99 for a 48 hour viewing period. competitors apple and netflix also provide movies online for a fee. so more movies for us. >> all right, emily smith here in new york. thanks. just ahead on the "morning news," new photos allegedly showing tiger woods at a sex addiction clinic. plus, heated exxanks at a hering in to the failed christmas day bombing of the jeet liner. but first katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." more than a week after the devastating earthquake in haiti, there are still incredible survival stories. tonight we'll introduce you to two such survivors now in south florida who lived through their ordeal but will be forever changed. that's only on the "cbs evening news."
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could your pain be caused by fibromyalgia? ask your doctor about lyrica today. on advice of counsel i respectfully assert my right to remain silent and decline to answer your question. >> any kael oig a laly and her husband didn't have much to say yesterday at a house committee looking into their uninvited appearance at a white house state dinner last november. while at that continue he, the couple met president obama and vice president biden, three secret service officers were suspended after the incident. the salahis could face criminal charges. president obama must pick a new nominee to head the transportation security administration after his first choice, erroll southers, pulled out. zuters is a counterterrorism expert with the los angeles airport police. his confirmation was blocked by a republican senator who feared zuters would let tsa work irs un
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niz. the senate intelligence committee holds a closed hearing today on security failures in the botched christmas bombing of northwest flight 253. abdulmutallab is charged in the case. another senate committee grilled intelligence officials about it yesterday. lara logan reports. >> reporter: the most heated exchange, when senator john mccain took on the man in charge, director of national intelligence admiral dennis blair. >> it's been my experience that when the captain of the ship does something wrong, the captain is relieved immediately. >> captain is steems relieved an sometimes he isn't. >> i'd be glad to go over history with you. my question is has anybody been held account smbl>> i don't feel good about it and i'm fixing it. >> i wasn't ask youing whether you're figsing it or not, admiral blair. so far it's been several week and to one has been held accountable. >> reporter: no one held accountable for failing to connect intelligence that would have prevented the failed bomber from ever getting on the plane. the recriminations that followed produced leaks, which admiral
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blair said was making their job harder. >> through the unauthorized leaks of the nsa intercepted it or cia report said this and i wish people would just shut the hell up. >> reporter: adding to the concern, a new report from the foreign senate relations committee which warns al qaeda has been recruiting u.s. citizens to carry out attacks at home and it says officials are in heightened alert because of the potential threat from extremists carrying american passports. lara logan, cbs news, washington. a new survey out today found that few americans know much about islam. but there are more than twice as likely to be biased against muslims versus christian, jews or buddhists. asked how much they know about iz lachl, 63% of those surveyed said they have little or no knowledge and 53% said their opinion of islam is not too favorable or not favorable at all. cindy mccain, the wife of
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arizona senator, has stirred up controversy with photos of supporting same-sex marriage even though her husband still opposes it. in the website photo, mrs. mccain mattered with duct tape on her mouth and no h 8 rirp on her cheek, no 48 pronounced no hate is a group opposing proposition 8 passed in 2008. and here's the first look in two months at tiger woods. at least that's who the "national enquirer" says it is. the photos appearing in the gossip magazine says the golf superstar was spotted at a mississippi rehab facility where he's said to be undergoing treatment for sex addiction. straight ahead, your thursday morning weather. and in sports, overtime for the warriors and the nuggets in a battle of three-pointers. ♪
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, partly cloudy at 41, miami 80, chicago mostly cloudy and 33, denver mostly cloudy 37, los angeles heavy rain, 57. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows another intense pacific storm bearing down on the california coastline. yesterday's storm can be seen spinning now across the rockies. and it's a stormy morning from the tennessee valley to the
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southeast coastline. later today, a steady rain will soak the southern appalachians and southeast. some strong thunderstorms could produce damaging winds. conditions will be even worse than they already are in the southwest. this as another powerful storm will be slamming the shores of southern california. in sports, the dallas mavericks ran their streak of one-point victories to nine. novitsky scored 28 for the mavericks against the wizards. with less than two seconds to play, a blocked shot gave the mafs a 94-93 whip. dallas hasn't lost a one-point game in three years. in charlotte, stephen jackson and the bobcats breezed to their most lopsided victory in team history over visiting miami. in the second period, took it in for a jam as charlotte led 61-34 at the half. and the bobcats kept it up, finishing up with a 104-65
4:47 am
blowout win. straight to the fourth period in oakland as the gold p states ellis drops in a three-pointer to tie it at 105 against the nuggets, but this overtime, denver's j.r. smith hits a three of his own and the nuggets go on to win it 123-118. and in phoenix, seven-foot twins robin and brooke lopez faced each other for the first time in nba, trading jams in the first period, brooks led the visiting nets with 28 points, but it wasn't enough as the suns took it 118-94. when we return, we'll take another look at this morning's top stories. and plugged in. a shocking report on just how much kids spend on computers and television and their affect on their school work. ld remedy... but i did. zicam reduces the duration of a cold. ( sneezing ) no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... can you do it by 3:00 ? yes, i can.
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i'm chandra wilson, and i'm a mother of three. please store over-the-counter medicines properly out of the reach and sight of children and do not give otc cough and cold medicines to children under the age of 4. to learn more, visit on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's weather. houlg winds and another round of heavy rain will sweep across
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southern california. it will result in widespread flooding and mudslides and heavy rain will also swamp the southeast and tennessee valley. here's another look at this morning's top stories. president obama's clamping down on wall street. today he'll announce new proposals to limit the size of banks and restrict certain high risk trading. and the fourth powerful pacific storm this week is hammering southern california. there's widespread flooding and high winds. thousands have lost power. hundreds are forced to evacuate. between smart phone, computers and tvs, there's no arguing that young people today are more wired than previous generations. but a new study finds that kids are glued to their screens, spending most of their waking hours using media. and it's taking a toll on their grades. john blackstone reports. >> reporter: when 13-year-old monica b. gets together with friends, they can't wait to share the latest toy. >> just like shake it and it changes music.
4:51 am
all right it's no secret that kids today have plenty of distractions. >> it's just funner than home work. >> reporter: a new study says 8 to 18 year olds now spend as much time listening to music, watching tv and being entertained online as most adults spend at work. >> kids are spending an average of more than 7.5 hours a day seven days a week using media. that's more than 53 hours a week. that's a full-time job. >> reporter: but it's not the full story. for almost three hours a day, kids are multitasking like listening to music while using the internet. you must all be able to do at least two things at once now, right in. >> yeah. >> reporter: it all adds up to more than an hour a day playing video games, almost an hour and a half on a computer, more than 2.5 hours listening to music, and nearly 4.5 watching tv shows. >> the reason why i have classes, probably because i use computers a lot and it's getting worse. railroaded according to the
4:52 am
study, teens now spend one hour 17 minutes more using media than they did five years ago. and there's a link between media use and poor grades. almost half of heavy user, more than 16 hours a day, reported getting cs or lower. just 23% of light users under three hours a day got cs or lower. home work and media don't mix well. >> i don't think that you can really do best at once. >> reporter: the researchers found that kids do cut back when parents make rules like no tv over dinner and no tv set in a child's bedroom. >> it really has an impact. i think parents may realize that they have more influence than perhaps they thought. >> reporter: and there's another parental influence to consider, their example. a separate stud did he by the nielsen company found that adults in their early 40s spend even more time watching online videos than teens do. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. this morning on "the early show," dave is in so you were california with the latest on the severe storms. i'm michelle gielan and this is
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the "cbs morning news." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wanted to quit smoking so many times, but those days came and went and the cigarettes remained. ♪ today's a new day. talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time.
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umm, goin' over to jason's to watch videos. what are you gonna watch? what is this twenty questions? no. what are you gonna watch? mom, dad love us enough to ask the important questions. because if you don't... who will?
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america is turning over a new leaf... the smartway leaf from the u.s. environmental protection agency. the smartway leaf will help you identify environmentally friendlier cars and trucks that can save you money. these vehicles are certified to be more fuel efficient and produce fewer greenhouse gases. and look for renewable fuels to improve our energy independence. follow the leaf to good morning. i'm andrea roane. four people died in a fire last night on east oliver street. firefighters found the bodies on the sec floor of a row house. no identifications yet and no word on what caused the fire. this morning the security guard accused of going on a
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murder spree in suite central virginia is in custody. police say spice spice killed eight people he knew including his sister and bear in law. he turned himself in yesterday. the on-line news letter the daily beat ranked the beltway third behind hies in los angeles and honolulu for the worst in the nation and more in a live report. >> shocker on that one. >> didn't see that coming. >> no. nationwide attention maybe i can't see coming but -- good morning. >> no problems this morning. we're in gad shape today. we may have problems on the but mainly west of town. so the concern really is west of route 15, 29 along the i-81 corridor where the snow, sleet and ice could be worst. and south of that stanton,
4:57 am
harrisonburg and charlottesville. you can see the moisture is just missing us to the south this morning. we had clear skies overnight. temperatures have dropped in the low 20s up north. highs low to mid-40s but tonight things get much more interesting. angie? things not so interesting on the roads and that's a great thing. we like when there's not much going on and early on to kick off our thursday a smooth commute on 95 past quantico to springfield. checking on the inner loop, sticking in virginia, moving at speed from braddock on up. hello, maryland, 270 southbound nice and quiet past 121 to the split. andrea. redskins fans will not just see new faces on the field next year on the sidelines but now the owner made another purchase for fedex field. snyder got the chance to nip at
4:58 am
the redskins biggest rival at the same time. & anything you can do i can do better & i can do anything better than you & no you can't & yes i can. >> in an effort to keep up with the jones, specifically one named jerry, the redskins have announced plans to install 100- foot wide video boards in each end zone that will be among the best in the league or coaccording to officials. >> we had an opportunity to give our fans something very few stadiums have. >> reporter: they describe it as punter proof. the $40 million screen that hangs 90 feet above the playing field. >> having fun with our friends in dallas. >> they shouldn't take it anymore than that. >> no, we are friendly with the folks in dallas. >> reporter: beside calling it punter proof, it is clear with the location the end zone that was never going to be an issue. the boards will triple in size from the ones currently in
4:59 am
place and that will cost close to $20 million to get done. >> always a little better. trying to be one upmanship on somebody else. >> anything dallas wants to do we have to do it better. one up them. >> reporter: the cowboys board is the largest in the world, redskins say bigger isn't better but i think the location is far superior for fans rather than having it hang on your head and it is so big it is distracting. ours being the sideline and end zones will be a way better fan experience than you will see in dallas. >> reporter: 9 news now and more proof this morning the beltway is one of the most congested roads in the country and has the single worst bottleneck. who knew? good


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